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Established by Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex on 28th October 1890 with Cambridgeshire joining in  1928.  In 2003 Essex departed leaving Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, the, Eastern Counties Rugby Union as it is today

 “To govern, promote and develop the quality of Rugby in Eastern Counties whilst maintaining the game’s core values and ensuring it remains an enjoyable sport for all"


The governing body for all forms of rugby union played in the East of England. EASTERN COUNTIES is comprised of three separate regions based on the geographical areas of Cambridgeshire Norfolk and Suffolk. Eastern Counties derives its authority from the Rugby Football Union and all three Sub Regions or Sub-Counties have their own separate administrations by which they organise local rugby in compliance with the governing body’s requirements. Eastern Counties Rugby Union is responsible for managing rugby on behalf of the Rugby Football Union in the Counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Eastern Counties was formed in on 28th October 1890. Originally it consisted of Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. Cambridgeshire joined in1952 and more recently Essex, about half the total both in area and number of clubs left to seek fortune on their own. The Counties was formed originally as a means of producing a team capable of winning the County Championship a national competition between teams produced by other regions or constituent bodies as they are called. Sadly it never quite achieved that ambition. Eastern Counties have however reached at least one Twickenham final.

Now Eastern Counties are concerned with providing the best for their 55 clubs in terms of competition, coaching, facilities, advice and guidance and when available funding, all of which has benefited rugby in the region. Four hundred Patrons, Ten full-time staff and over one hundred volunteers. It operates a school of rugby with a view to developing the elite player. It polices the game through a disciplinary structure and a child welfare officer. It manages the regions funds. It caters for beach rugby, touch rugby, mini rugby, girls’ rugby youth rugby, rugby sevens, rugby tens whilst still focusing on the senior fifteen a side game played hard fast and competitive but in the true spirit of rugby football ECRU operates in partnership with many organisations including Local Authorities Education and Sport Development offices, Eastern Region Sports Development Association, Sport England, professional clubs, private businesses and many more.

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